I'm trying to install Adobe DNG Converter automatically, as it has to be installed on multiple windows Servers. I tried searching for this, but did not find anything describing how to do it. The servers have Chocolatey installed, but the DNG converter doesn't exist as a package.

Double clicking the .exe just opens a UI dialog with one button, "Install". After clicking this everything installs, and you have to click "Finish" at the end.

I've tried to extract the installer:

  • DNGConverter_9_10_1.exe /s /extract_all
  • DNGConverter_9_10_1.exe /a /s /v"/qn /log TARGETDIR=\"C:\Users\myuser\Desktop\dng\""

  • DNGConverter_9_10_1.exe /silent /stage_only ISRootStagePath="C:\Users\myuser\Desktop\dng\"

but none of these does anything other than running the installer normally.

Is there anything else I can try to avoid the UI and automatically install the converter?


The DNG Converter installer was made using NSIS.

On Windows 10 with the latest version of DNG Converter (, this worked for me:

DNGConverter_10_0.exe /S

The S is upper-case, not lower-case. The command returned immediately and launched the installer silently in the background.

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