I have hardware that requires 1300W.

If I buy 2 750W PSU's for $70 each, wouldn't that be better than buying ONE 1500W PSU for $299?

What am I missing?

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  • What does price have to do with the question? Lower total price vs. higher total price is not an on-topic consideration here (and just a rhetorical question, anyway), and the hardware doesn't care what you paid for it. – fixer1234 Dec 8 '17 at 7:17

Most PCs can only use one Power Supply. So unless this is server hardware and not PC hardware, you'd be stuck using just the one 1500W PSU.


Unless you have some sort of load balancing equipment where both PSU's are hooked up fully (with the 20+4pin connectors), it's much better to run a single PSU.

PSUs are designed to handle a load that's dispersed across several outputs. Depending on the protection options your PSU provides, if it detects a large uneven balance internally between the outputs, it will likely turn itself off.

If you're talking about 2 PSU's for one computer, that only works if it's a server and both PSUs can handle the full load, which are used as fail-overs, rather than load balancing.

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