The file is too big to do a manual extract using Preview. It can be done manually in Chrome by pasting in 1,2,3... in the print dialog, but this is tedious. Is there a command line tool to extract alternate pages (odd or even) from a pdf file?


You could use sejda-console (GNU Affero Public License 3.0 open source license):

./bin/sejda-console extractpages -f /input/file.pdf --predefinedPages odd -o odd.pdf

I'm one of the developers in the project.

There's also a web interface: https://www.sejda.com/extract-pdf-pages

  • Many thanks for your help and efforts for this important project! I was unable to get the command line interface to work. The documentation at github.com/torakiki/sejda/wiki/Getting-Started talks about a bin directory, but there was not one in either the top level of the extracted tar file, nor in the sejda-console subdirectory. How do I proceed to install it on my mac? The web interface works well, but is not as convenient for me as having a working command line interface. – Michael Neale Dec 13 '17 at 23:44
  • I've updated the download link: sejda.org You should download a zip file, that when extracted contains a bin folder. – Edi Dec 16 '17 at 8:40

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