So is there a way I can navigate to common folders by right clicking? I want this to work in explorer and open/save file dialogs. I use windows vista.


I use Direct Folders to do this. By default, you middle-click or double-click on a blank area in the folder (e.g., Windows Explorer, Save As... dialog, Open File dialog, or even your desktop), and you get a menu with your recently-used folders and preconfigured "common" folders.

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  • Yea, direct folders seems to do what I want and appears to have a functional version for free. Thanks. – Saebin Apr 5 '10 at 20:53

This is not exactly what you asked for but maybe helps. I do not know about vista but in server 2003 it works like this:

In the open / save dialog on the left side there are some shortcut icons (desktop, my files, ...) and there is a way to add and remove entries to this list.

I do not remember how it works now, but if you are interested I could check.

But the number of entries in this list is limited.

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