How to merge these two commands together

rm *.html
rm *.xml

Simply rm *.html *.xml

Also see the man pages for Linux (or macOS) or try tldr which currently gives this output:

$ tldr rm


Remove files or directories.

- Remove files from arbitrary locations:
    rm path/to/file path/to/another/file

- Recursively remove a directory and all its subdirectories:
    rm -r path/to/folder

- Forcibly remove a directory, without prompting for confirmation or showing error messages:
    rm -rf path/to/folder

- Interactively remove multiple files, with a prompt before every removal:
    rm -i file(s)

- Remove files in verbose mode, printing a message for each removed file:
    rm -v path/to/folder/*


Simply use

rm *.html *.xml

It’s the shell that interprets the wildcard pattern(s) to carry out the filename expansion – not the rm command.

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