For some strange reason, whenever I right click on my USB mouse, it goes back to the previous page that I was browsing. This can be hindering when I'm attempting to use right click to access something in the context menu. I'm using the latest version of Firefox(57.0.2) as of now, but this result even occurs in Google Chrome! For even stranger reasons, it doesn't happen with my touch pad.

Even as of now, I had to remember not to right click on "touchpad" to correct the spelling :P


This occasionally happens to me as well. I've figured out the cause (in my case), that is my mouse sometimes register a single right click as double right click.

The explanation is that right clicking on a web page opens a context menu:

Context Menu

If the mouse register right button pressed down as single right click, then it will open the context menu. If you happen to right click on upper half of the page, your cursor will be conveniently highlight the Back menu. Upon right button release, it will again register as a right click, which activates the Back menu.

The solution is to change your mouse, or find a program to prevent accidental double click.

  • Great explanation of the problem. I guess I'l need to find a new mouse again, or browse the web for a program like you suggested. – Daniel Kareh Dec 14 '17 at 13:59
  • Great explanation of the problem. But what is the solution?? I've try replacing a few mice - but it happen on all of them – Gil Epshtain Apr 29 at 12:21
  • @GilEpshtain either all of them has the same defect, or there is something else. You can try a program that is designed to prevent accidental double click, then. – Vylix Apr 29 at 12:35

For me my Opera browser had a setting called "Mouse Gestures" enabled by default that kept screwing with my right clicks. I don't know if that's the solution to your specific problem, as only my Opera browser was acting up, but my own google search results led me here as one of the first results so I think it's worth checking.

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