I have a Web application deployed via Tomcat that allows upload of files in a dir files. These files are uploaded by Tomcat with owner tomcat:tomcat and permissions 640. I need to mantain the group tomcat because other users need it for administration purposes.

On the download side, I have a Nginx that supplies the files for users.

The problem is that Nginx cannot access the uploaded files, because it uses a user www-data:www-data.

  • I cannot add www-data to the group tomcat for security reasons.
  • I cannot substitute tomee group for www-data, because I need the tomee group and I cannot let tomee create ALL files under the www-data group (f.ex. tomee would create logs under tomee:www-data, which is undesired - only the uploads in any case could have this)
  • I cannot let others have any permissions on the files, for security reasons. In any case I cannot change the default 640 Tomcat mask because (bad Tomcat design?) it would affect EVERY file that Tomcat creates.
  • I could use chmod g+s but this does not seem to affect the files recursively (Tomcat creates also directories in which it then uploads the file)

How can I solve this issue?


I think I have solved it but need to do more testing before accepting the solution.

  • sudo apt install acl (based on Ubuntu)
  • sudo chown tomcat:www-data files
  • sudo chmod g+s files
  • sudo setfacl -Rm d:g:www-data:r files

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