I accidentally did apt-get remove python3 and didn't look at packages APT was about to remove.

Then Gnome Desktop Environment started to misbehave, I rebooted and it ended up in tty1 with no GUI.

I installed lightdm (just what found first in internet), it complained after I typed password Failed to load session "cinnamon". I installed cinnamon. GUI appeared but it was, of course, Cinnamon not Gnome.

Then I googled more and installed gdm3 and gnome but I'm still in Cinnamon desktop and don't know how to get from it to Gnome.

In sudo update-alternatives --config x-window-manager I don't see Gnome.

I tried to remove cinnamon and ended up with same Failed to load session "cinnamon" on login.

Tried to purge and reinstall, but no success.

How do I get Gnome desktop environment back?


There was Gnome set in

 sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager

I was 10 minutes before I found the solution. Just looked into /etc/alternatives/.

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