I have a wired HP mouse that has been working fine for many months with my laptop. Suddenly the cursor started moving extremely slow. I have read other online articles on this issue but nothing seems to be helpful.

  • This is a wired mouse, so low batteries are out of the picture
  • I have tried increasing the speed of the mouse cursor under Control Panel but it doesn't make a difference - it only increases the speed of the cursor on the laptop's touchpad
  • There is virtually no dust or hair trapped in the optical sensor area of the mouse
  • If I use a mousepad, the performance of the cursor is better but the issue is not completely solved
  • I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the mouse driver but it doesn't change anything
  • I've tried on two laptops and have the same issue

Seems to be a hardware issue, what about contact the HP support to verify if your wired mouse is the root cause. You can test to plug in with another wired mouse to see if it will work fine.


here is the 3 things you can try

  1. try different USB port
  2. don't use any hub for connecting the mouse
  3. if u have any other USB device attached try removing them and try the mouse

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