I want to measure the EPS metric, or the number of processed events per seconds in my device.

I read that the most accurate measurement of EPS is to use a simple syslog server, such as Kiwi Syslog Server, and measure actual EPS over a period of time.

From what I can gather, this means that I have to configure my Syslog server to receive data from my device, and capture the logs in a specified folder. I also read in another source, that I need to run the syslog 24 hours and calculate the EPS (using the simple formula EPS = Number of System Events / Time Period in Seconds).

My question is this: I don't get how the Syslog server will help determine the EPS ? Because all what I'll get after the 24h, is the number of logs generated in the 24 hours in the specified folder! Or am I missing something ?

PS : This is NOT a question about a specific vendor or a device, but rather a question to understand this general concept in using Syslog to measure EPS.

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