In the latest FlashDevelop (FlashDevelop 5.3.0 at this time), by default you can only create ActionScript 3 project. But sometime you need ActionScript 2 project (for CryEngine 5.4).

I see some topic like: How to enable ActionScript 2? that's so outdated, lead you to broken link or topic that requests re-upload for the broken link that no-one bothers answer :D (Nah, not important, just list out for a laugh)

I create this question for the sake of CryEngine 5.4's users then. So how to create ActionScript 2 project in FlashDevelop?


Interesting enough, you don't need to go around the internet to find your answer, the solution is right inside FlashDevelop: Plug-in.

Step 1: Go to Tools > Install Software... <code>Tools</code> > <code>Install Software...</code>

Step 2: You should see AS2 Templates by now. Install it. <code>AS2 Templates</code> After install successfully, FlashDevelop should open a new FlashDevelop window for you (you do know that after install any plug-in, you need to restart the app to take effect, right? This app automatically start a new window to take effect, cool)

Step 3: Go to Project > New project... and Enjoy! enter image description here

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