I own an Asus N550JK laptop and I'm facing slow performance while gaming. My configuration is as follows:

  • i7-4700HQ
  • GTX 850M

I've recently started gaming again on my laptop after a long period of time playing only unintensive games. The games I've had the below issue with are Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Civilization VI (to a lesser extent). When I start playing, the computer heats up and my CPU starts underclocking (down sometimes to as low as 15% of maximum frequency). This causes the games to stutter. This is not a GPU issue as the games run at good framerate while the laptop is cool and the GPU doesn't underclock while hot. So far, I suppose, nothing really surprising.

What surprises me however is that the games don't always stutter. There is a specific case when sometimes they don't: when I start up the laptop from cold and open the game right away, I can sometimes avoid stutter even though the CPU overheats and underclocks. I can't explain myself why and am looking for an explanation. This would obviously allow me to keep playing even though the laptop overheats.

PS: any suggestion as to avoid my CPU overheating is obviously welcome too. Such CPU overclocking behaviour is only occurring when the discrete GPU activates and never does otherwise.

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    Probably not related: drivers? – ThisIsNotMyRealName Dec 27 '17 at 15:15
  • The default laptop "power config" (control panel) is often set up to "underclock before increasing fan speed" to save power even when plugged in. Do you see different behavior when adjusting this setting. – Yorik Dec 27 '17 at 18:35
  • @MichaelNancarrow: all my drivers are up-to-date. – Julian Marcon Dec 27 '17 at 22:09
  • @Yorik: I am using a Power4Gear High Performance mode that actually had increase fan speed priority on by default. – Julian Marcon Dec 27 '17 at 22:11

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