I was working with Adobe Spark, and it was doing well. But when I started using it again (after having my PC to sleep), it says this:

WebGL Disabled

Oops! Looks like your browser has WebGL disabled. Please visit our support page or consult your IT organization for more information.

However, when I accessed the GetWebGL website, I could see that spinning cube.

I also checked my browser settings, and saw that Use hardware acceleration when available was already enabled.

My specifications:

  1. Browser - Opera 49.0.2725.64
  2. Computer Model - Dell Vostro 1500
  3. Operating System - Windows 7 x86
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    Do you have the appropriate display drivers installed? – Ramhound Jan 1 at 14:33
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Restart the browser, and it would be detected by Adobe Spark.

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