I need this when config Listary's custom command to load Rconsole within Explorer, with environment variable R_USER set to current directory for this very command.

What I currently use is effectively same as

cmd /C "set R_USER=%path%&& C:\path\to\Rgui.exe"

(which I learn from here to set environment variable.)

It works fine, except open an extra window for cmd itself. which adds hassle to switch application with Alt-Tab.

How can I achieve same workflow but without open the window for cmd itself?

P.S. (Listary handle the substitution part and run the specified command).


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You need to put start command before your executable file path.


In order for the CMD window to automatically close, you can launch a program like so:

start /min "" "path_to_your_program"

The start command tells Windows to execute another CMD window outside the scope of the current CMD. The /min starts the CMD window minimized, and isn't necessary. The first set of double-quotes is definitely necessary, though anything can be placed within those quotes. The second set must contain the absolute path to your program inside.

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