I want to create a website which only LAN users will be able to see. I plan to use my Raspberry Pi as a server, since the website will be a small one (only HTML-CSS-JS).
The only method I know to access the page is entering the local IP address of the target device. But this address is changing from time to time. Is there a consistent way to connect to that device?

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    one thing you could do is give it a static ip, this can be done from the device itself ..or it might be possible from the router based on the device's MAC Address. An alternative is there is a service called dyndns that can give a domin where the computer with changing IP will update the service with the current IP . I don't know if there is a local version, there is a dyndns forum. – barlop Jan 11 '18 at 10:57

You should read this article, it will be of help to you.


I would personaly configure your router that it will reserve this device IP in its DHCP configuration so that it would not change.

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