For certain URLs I visit, the address bar suggestions are returning really weird results:

Address bar suggestions

What can cause these suggestions to show up in the address bar? This seems to happen only when I click into certain localhost URLs. I'm already tried to get rid of them by SHIFT + DEL, but that doesn't work since I've never actually visited that site.

If I had to guess, they are being autopopulated from some random Google predictive text. But why the Korean (tutorial?) site? That site is nowhere to be seen when I actually use the URL in an actual Google search. Is this just a weird glitch in Google's predictive text, or should I be more worried about this occurring?

Here's some potentially relevant information about my setup:

  • My machine is Windows 10 and running the latest version of Chrome 63.
  • I have various extensions installed (adblocker, some dev tools).
  • I'm logged into my Google account, which I have active on multiple devices.
  • My browser and PC are using English (US) as the language.


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