When I start the Windows Slack app, I position it in the left half of the monitor. As long as I switch between apps, minimize Slack, bring it up front again, it remembers its position.

But when I close the window (Slack continues to run in tray) and reopen it, it appears in a different location on screen. Same happens if I sign out, sign in and start the app, and also after reboot, etc.

How do I make Slack remember its position and always appear there? (The window's size it does remember though).


This is currently impossible, according to Slack support (I asked them about it today):

Unfortunately this is a problem we currently have with the Windows app, and I'm sorry it is getting in your way.

We do have it on our list to address, and hopefully that will roll out as you update in the near future. I can't provide an ETA, but if you'd like I can follow up as we resolve this one.



SeanMann_NaplandGames Replied on November 30, 2015 OK, so I just found a workaround.

Open the app and position and size it on monitor 2 Move the app to monitor 1 Close the app Relaunch the app, it should retain its size and position on monitor 1 Move the app to the desired position on monitor 2 Relaunch the app and all should be green Let's just hope it continues to work on reboot.

  • Wow, I've tried everything, but this actually worked. Thx! – veroxii Jun 13 at 23:34

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