I am using uTorrent version 2.2.1 build 25534 I have downloaded a few torrents from a site which both the site and its trackers are filtered in my country
Now i have tried solving this problem by using a VPN that bypassed the filter which solved the errors on the tracker, but even after that the torrents speed remains at zero !
In the end after a lot of experiment i found that running a Proxy such as FreeGate solves the problem ! and the torrents work without a problem.
Now here are the a couple of questions :
1- Why is it that even when using the VPN my torrents don't download even when the tracker is green and connected ?
2- After checking the settings in the utorrent, i can clearly see that there are no indication that the torrent should be using the FreeGate (freegate is a socks proxy which and only works if u set the IP and The port inside a program), of course FreeGate does change the internet explorer proxy setting
3- In the end i am sure that the torrents are not downloaded using FreeGate ! but it seems something is using this FreeGate proxy which makes the tracker work ! i want to know what it is and how it works.

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Did you check the port forwarding in the router ? couldn't it be because freegate configured it for you ? In the absence of port forwarding on both side (all sender and receiver), the communication will be blocked.

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