I recently picked up a Lenovo Flex 5 laptop, which runs Windows 10. I love having multiple monitors, so I also got a Kensington Universal USB3.0 dual display docking station for when I'm seated at my desk.

It works well, but there's one major hiccup: every time I cycle power or disconnect/reconnect the docking station, the system "forgets" all my monitor settings, so I have to go back into the display settings and twiddle everything all over again. It's a nuisance, and I'm surprised I have to deal with it.

Is there a good way to get Windows to remember how I have the monitors set up when it's connected to the docking station? The research I've done so far suggests Windows 10 does a surprisingly poor job of this on its own; if I can't do this with just what I already have, can anybody recommend any good third-party tools that will handle this task and otherwise stay out of my way?


There's no such feature in Windows itself (afaik). However, some 3rd party tools exist. One I like is WS Display Settings (https://wizardsoft.nl/products/wsdisplaysettings) which in itself is a command line tool, but since a month or so also comes with an easy systray menu. Free for personal usage.

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