I am trying to launch a software through ssh :

I can do :

ssh -t user@xx.xx.xx.xx 
screen -S datanode -d -m ~/hadoop/bin/hdfs datanode


ssh -t user@xx.xx.xx.xx screen -S datanode -d -m ~/hadoop/bin/hdfs datanode

Doesn't work

I tried several options with quotes :

ssh -t user@xx.xx.xx.xx screen '-S datanode -d -m ~/hadoop/bin/hdfs datanode'


ssh -t user@xx.xx.xx.xx screen -S datanode -d -m '~/hadoop/bin/hdfs datanode'


ssh -t user@xx.xx.xx.xx screen ' -S datanode -d -m ~/hadoop/bin/hdfs datanode'

but I can't find the correct one :-(


Its better to group the options together

ssh -t username@host "screen -dmS 'NAMEofSCREEN' command"

You can then reattach with

screen -r NAMEofSCREEN

Just keep in mind that this won't be a re-attachable screen if command exits. For example:

ssh -t username@host "screen -dmS 'NAMEofSCREEN' echo | wall"

Will give you the wall message ...

Broadcast message from user@host (pts/15) (Tue Jan 16 12:04:07 2018):

.. but the screen will immediately close after the command ran successful

  • "better to group the options together"? I would say that is a matter of opinion, and completely irrelevant to the OPs problem. – crimson-egret Jan 22 '18 at 20:57
  • Sorry but "-dmS" is kind of standard option-string for screen. It makes it more readable, why use the extra space ? Of course it's not necessary. – Robert Riedl Jan 22 '18 at 21:13
  • You are right that the extra space is not necessary and arguably more easily readable if you are used to looking at -dmS NAME, but it's still not answering the problem raised by the questioner. – crimson-egret Jan 24 '18 at 16:21
  • I will update the answer – Robert Riedl Jan 24 '18 at 16:55

I see two (potential) problems with your incantation of

ssh -t remote screen -S datanode -d -m ~/hadoop/bin/hdfs datanode
  1. The client/local shell (the one executing ssh) is the one expanding ~ and replacing with the value of $HOME, which may be different from that of the remote server. Suggest you use either a relative path (e.g. ./hadoop/bin/hdfs) or a fully-qualified path or quote the remote command with single quotes (e.g. '~/hadoop/bin/hdfs datanode') to prevent expansion on the client.
  2. Because the screen command is starting a detached instance, but is still a child process of the shell started by ssh, it is terminated when the remote shell exits.

Moreover, since screen creates it's own tty, you don't need the -t option to ssh.

Try instead using -f to tell ssh to go into the background just before command execution. i.e.:

ssh -f remote screen -S datanode -d -m ./hadoop/bin/hdfs datanode

Equally valid alternative using nohup:

ssh remote nohup screen -S datanode -d -m ./hadoop/bin/hdfs datanode

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