I have a list of names that each have a value (C:C, D:D). I want to generate a new column (A:A) that only shows the names that have the values I want, without any spaces.

In Google Sheets it's trivial:

Spreadsheet Screenshot

I'm moving to Excel due to some shortcomings with Sheets that I can't get around, and can't figure out how to duplicate this functionality. The closest I've come is with MATCH/INDEX, but I was never able to get there. All of the research I've done has pointed to needing VB, which is something I'd like to avoid.


In Excel, one must put a formula in each cell that one is expecting a result. So, the short answer is no there is no function in Excel that would exactly match the use of Filter in Sheets.

To do this I like to use INDEX with AGGREGATE:


Put that in A1 and copy down till you get blanks. As stated one must put a function in each cell that one expects a return.

enter image description here

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