I have a tables that looks like the following:

enter image description here

I have multiple Item rows, and for each there are many Value columns, and a single Result. What I would like to do in my TOTAL is, for each Value column, if each Value X = Result, then count that.

For example, for Item 1, Value 1 = Result, so I count that towards that Value 1 total. Same for Item 2, but not Item 3 because they are different. Same for other Value columns. So as you can see, Value 1 total is 3, Value 2 total is 2, and Value 3 total is 4. In my actual worksheet there may be many items and values.

So how do I write a formula for this?

I could write a painful string of multiple IF statements like below, but I feel like there should be an easier way:


Is COUNTIF the way to go here? Then what is my condition going to be?



Use SUMPRODUCT() which will iterate the ranges checking if they match. And if so the -- will cause the TRUE to be 1 and the FALSE to be 0. It will then sum the resultant array.


enter image description here

  • WOW neat, never knew about the -- notation. Thanks! – Sach Jan 18 '18 at 22:19

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