I'm trying to run ddrescue for a drive containing a Windows 10 installation. I have shutdown the operating system with shutdown /t /s 0 to circumvent the hydrid shutdown issue.

blkid shows the partitions of the drive fine and fdisk shows the sizes of the partitions too. But I can't mount it, trying to mount it (mount /dev/sda5 /media/mountpart) sometimes show a cant mount special device error. At other times, mounting is successful but listing the mounted data partition yields a Input/output error

ddrescue cant read the drive either.

  • Just to be sure you're not trying anything wrong: you don't need the source drive being mounted to run ddrescue; it shouldn't be mounted with write access while ddrescue works nor between ddrescue sessions (the content shouldn't change until you have as much of a resulting image as possible). You probably know this. Input/output error may be a hardware issue. What does dmesg say? If you're using USB bridge, connect the drive directly via SATA interface (if it's SATA; it probably is). Make sure the drive gets enough electrical power for its needs. Any clue in smartctl -a … output? Jan 20, 2018 at 9:35


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