Bootcamp and PC apps are required for my business. The installation & function has been flawless since originally installed 2 yrs ago. Automatic Win7 updates have corrupted the startup: It boots to a "Windows wasnt shut down properly" screen, the spinning balls join to the W logo, then the screen turns black. The cursor is present & is controllable with a trackball. The mouse clicks dont work. -You can choose on of the 4 startup choices with arrow keys, but no mouse clicks after that to continue. -You can Boot camp boot into F8 Recovery mode, but cant click the NEXT button, in the Keyboard chooser window! - You can OPTION start the Mac into the Windows Bootcamp/OS installer USB drive, but no cursor appears, to then point, choose, to click!

  1. How can I reinstall the Same Win7P into Boot Camp, (Overwrite the corrupted OS),and maintain the integrity of all apps, files, docs, images?
  2. Can the 400 gigs of PC apps, files, docs, images, prefs be copy-pasted, or transferred to the Mac side, or another HD, as a backup, that can be reutilized later to reinstall the most current copy of my business apps?
  3. Will creating a Mac.dmg (disk image of the Boot camp partition, allow the files, docs, apps, images, be transferred back into the new Boot Camp partition, should it be necessary to erase the partition & reinstall the New Win 7?
  4. Are 3rd party apps available,to do all ofthe above? Thanks. 2014 Mac mini, 16 G RAM, 2 partitions- Mac OS & BC, OS10.10, w/ all USB- Mac Keyboard, Mac mouse, MS Trackball w/multi buttons. THANKS, Desperately need help!
  • “How can I reinstall the Same Win7P into Boot Camp, (Overwrite the corrupted OS),and maintain the integrity of all apps, files, docs, images?” - This is only possible if you install Windows from within Windows. Windows 8.1+ can be Reset from within WinRE. Windows 7 cannot. – Ramhound Jan 21 '18 at 1:07
  • Software recs are frowned upon as answers, however 3 apps that can repair, clone, move, resize or otherwise work with Boot Camp partitions [in my personal order of preference] are Paragon Hard Disk Manager , Carbon Copy Cloner & WinClone Each has its plus points, but I'd try Paragon first. Paragon also make an NTFS driver for Mac, which may help in moving the data around. – Tetsujin Jan 21 '18 at 7:39

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