Microsoft Word themes have styles like this:

enter image description here

With color behind a line of text that spans the width of the page.

How do I do this myself with custom colours?


In Office 365:

  1. Put the cursor on the line/paragraph you want to change.
  2. Click "Design" tab
  3. Click "Page Boarders" (far right), which opens the "Boarders and Shading" options dialog(*)
  4. Click the shading tab and use the "Fill" drop-box to change the colour of the boarder which will be full width of the page.

You can also use this on a text selection to change just the selected text (not full width).

(*) Why Microsoft think naming this "Page Boarders" on the ribbon and then "Boarders and Shading" in the dialog is beyond me.

enter image description here


Use the "shading" dialogue to set a shading for the paragraph in question:

Menu --> Borders --> Borders and Shading --> Shading

Here, select a colour, and pay attention that the "Apply to" field is set to "Paragraph".

enter image description here

(This is for MS Word 2010, but I suppose it has not changed in later versions; it was the same also in earlier ones.)

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