I am new to batch files and need some help. I want to do the following.

I created a batch file that is looking for the folder "Recordings" within the file system and writes the results to a text file (results.txt). After that it is looking for the string "Directory" within the results. I want then merge every line from findstr (every path) with the execution-command of a tool I am using.


@echo off
dir /S Recordings > C:\testing\results.txt
findstr Directory C:\testing\results.txt

The output looks like this:

 Directory of C:\testing\Scenarios\Default
 Directory of C:\testing\Scenarios\test1
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Now I want every line of this output to be merged with my execution-command:

tool.exe -parameter C:\testing\Scenarios\Default\Recordings
tool.exe -parameter C:\testing\Scenarios\test1\Recordings

I want every line of this output to be merged with my execution-command

Use the following batch file:

@echo off
for /f "usebackq" %%i in (`dir /a:d /b /s ^| findstr "Recordings"`) do (
  tool.exe -parameter %%i

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