Connect to Chromecast Ultra, Ethernet connected to Wireless Router, using devices that are connected to a different Wireless Access Points?

I've installed a Chromecast Ultra to my television using Ethernet. The Chromecast is connected through RJ45 Ethernet cable to Switch, which is connected to the Wireless Router that serves as gateway to the Internet.

Using my Laptop or Smartphone, which are connected to different Wireless Access Points, the Chromecast Ultra doesn't show up in supported apps. Only when connecting the devices to the Wireless Router, does the Chromecast show up.

How can I make the Laptop and Smartphone see the Chromecast? Connecting to the Wireless Router is not always on option...

My network setup is as follows:

enter image description here

  • As long as everything connects to the same network and has the same IP configuration, it should work just fine. So I would say that your image should work. If it isn't working, please add what isn't working. – LPChip Jan 26 '18 at 10:56

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