I'm using the following set up:

Host: Windows 10. Guest: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. VMware Workstation 12 player (free edition).

I've enabled the sharing folders option on the host as shown in the picture below:

enter image description here

however, while browsing the guest filesystem I cannot find the shared folder nor the mounting options. How can I solve this problem?

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    This shares an existing host folder, which is then browsable from the VM. That is, it shares a host folder to a guest, not a guest folder to a host. You're expected to create the host folder yourself; there is nothing special to 'browse' to on the host side. – Bob Jan 27 '18 at 13:40
  • @Bob sorry, I meant the GUEST filesystem. Essentially, on Ubuntu I cannot find the shared folder. I already created the folder on the host. – mickkk Jan 27 '18 at 14:09
  • You should look into "network" as this shared folders are typically presented to the guest OS as network shares. Or read this: askubuntu.com/questions/29284/… – user772515 Jan 27 '18 at 15:03

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