I've used MediaMonkey for music organizing for a long time, but I'm considering Filebot.

My music is organized like so:

Music/{ABC}/{A}/Adele/{Album Title [Release Year]}/01_{Song Title}

So I'm arranging by the first letter of the artist name (grouped into 3's ABC, DEF, GHI...or 0-9 for anything starting with a number or symbol),

then I break that down to the first letter of the artist: A (in this case)

then artist name, album with date, track number with 2 digits_Song Title

Is it possible to do this in Filebot?


If you go through all the examples, then you should find all the bits and pieces you need there:



Music/{artist[0]}/{artist}/{album} {[y]}/{pi}_{t}

The {ABC} part will probably require a bit of code, because your code has to decide which chunk of letters goes into which folder.


Filebot uses Groovy Regular Expressions to rename any type of file, overwise you can use Java String class methods such as replace, replaceAll, or Matcher class methods.

In your case it might be a little complicated, but it is not a problem, I think..

Yes, it is possible.

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