I have created a document on Google Docs and downloaded it as a Microsoft Word document. The images are not being displayed in the Word version. They are being shown as an empty rectangle with the words "The picture can't be displayed."

This is what an image looks like

I have downloaded this document to Word previously and had no problem, but now I have at least 2 documents that are affected. Both documents are very long (over 100 pages) and have multiple images per page. All of the images that are drawings are affected.

The images on Google Docs are added through Insert > Drawing... and have text boxes in them, if that makes any difference. The text boxes partially display, but the text is not visible.

I'm using Word 2016. If I download the documents as PDFs from Google Docs they display fine, but I do need them in a Word format.

Any help to get the images to display properly in Word would be appreciated.

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