I have an application which creates an x-session, the problem I'm having is with ssh-agent.

Lets say I have created a unix socket, and then create x-session(in this session ssh-agent is launched). So my question is:

Is it possible to launch x-session and have my socket path set as SSH_AUTH_SOCK for ssh-agent?

I have tried setting my socket path in SSH_AUTH_SOCK in x-session creation command, manually checked and new init process contains my sockets path. But for some reason when I launch terminal(inside this session) and echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK some other path is displayed. Seems like some other process is overwriting it.

Is there any way to predefine $SSH_AUTH_SOCK before launching x-session?


If you have control of the (xinit) script which is starting the ssh-agent, then you can override the default socket path using the -a PATH option, per the man page:

     -a bind_address
         Bind the agent to the UNIX-domain socket bind_address.  The default is
  • unfortunately I don't have control of xinit script. – user3503143 Feb 1 '18 at 6:25

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