Recently, Firefox has changed the default folder for newly created bookmarks (using Ctrl+D) from the Bookmarks Menu to "Other Bookmarks".

Is there some way to change that back? Or some alternate method instead of Ctrl+D?


A native way to do this (without an add-on) would be best.


This has been a popular topic of discussion on the Mozilla Support Forums:

Before Firefox quantum, when pressing Ctrl+D, the created bookmark was put in the bookmarks menu by default (unlike clicking the star bookmark button, which defaulted to unsorted bookmarks). After updating to quantum, the default location is "Other bookmarks" - the same as pressing the star button.

How do I restore the old behaviour?

Their moderators chimed in to say that there currently isn't a built-in way to restore the Ctrl+D functionality to its former state. However, they also suggested that you can restore the previous Ctrl+D capability with a relatively new add-on, Default Bookmark Folder:

Firefox built-in bookmarking:

This feature only affect bookmarks added through the built-in Firefox bookmark icon or shortcut (Ctrl+D), or through the context menu.

You can:

  • Select where the new bookmarks will be added
  • Choose to add the new bookmarks to the top or the bottom of the selected folder
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Not quite the same thing, but you can force Firefox to prompt you for a location every time you add a new bookmark by going to any bookmark page, clicking Bookmarks --> Edit this bookmark, and choosing "Show Editor When Saving"

Show Editor When Saving

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