So i visited test.mywebsite.com and now when i type mywebsite.com or www.mywebsite.com or even http://www.mywebsite.com it always redirects to test.mywebsite.com

if i use firefox > New Private Windows then i don't have this issue

So it seems if i clear the history it would fix the issue, But i don't want to do that?

Is there any way to disable redirection based on the history or something else is wrong?

  • It could also be a cache issue. If you google your site and click it, can you go to it that way? If so, then it is probably an addressbar history thingy. – LPChip Jan 31 '18 at 14:25

Don't clear all the history.

Open history log, search "test.mywebsite.com" and delete those visits.

  • This didn't help, there were two entries test.mywebsite.com i deleted both closed browser opened and still redirecting,, it's not happening in safari – SeanClt Feb 1 '18 at 14:54

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