I got some serious problem with my backup:

Due to faulty power supply, 3 out of my 4 HDDs died.... Since I did set up a storage pool with "2-way mirroring", I was quite optimistic to recover most of the data because the biggest HDD survived (so there should be ~3.5 TB data on that drive).

But as you can see, there is only the option to "delete pool". Therefore, the pool is not visible in the File Explorer.


Get-StoragePool shows "Read-only" in "OperationalStatus", as can be seen here:


Now I am really wondering..... is there ANY way to get back at least some of the data on that drive? At least from my point of view, a "2-way-mirror" option seems kind of useless, if there is no way to get back the data if drives are failing.

Info on the pool: Initially created on Windows 7. Later, as I switched to Windows 10, I also "upgraded" the pool via the "Upgrade Pool" option in storage spaces. Furthermore, everything worked flawlessly until the drives died.

Hopefully someone is able to help me.

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    well this is a really crappy situation. There are a few ways to get back data. I would run a SMART test on the final HDD just to be sure that its actually safe to have running... but then go ahead and look for online data recovery tools. There are plenty and some are even free. Most are not free, however some are. I would honestly look into hirens bootcd. hirensbootcd.org/download found here. You can use any one of a few tools that should get the job done fairly well. hiren.info/articles/recovery/… an article that might help. – user865814 Feb 1 '18 at 0:04
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Unfortunately I was not able to mount the Pool on the last remaining disk. However, I ended up using EaseUs - it is not a freeware, but it did work quite well and even the directory tree was visible.

Thx to all!


Only two tools I know that may be able to help: ReclaiMe, http://www.storage-spaces-recovery.com/ and R-Studio http://www.r-studio.com/Unformat_Help/index.html?working_with_windows_storage_s.html.

In general the ReclaiMe tool is easiest to use.

Good luck!

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