I have searched a lot and the same answers keep coming up.

  • Edit the registry / download one of a few context menu changing tools.
  • Disable or remove the item you no longer want to see, or
  • Add new menu items if this is what you wish to do

Not one article, blog post, comment or image showed me what I am trying to achieve. I am starting to believe that the context menu configuration in the registry is way too complex to even allow this.

When I right-click on a file, I would like it to show me the bare necessities and be able to hover over "Other", or whatever I call the folder, and see my custom installed items.

I am running Windows 10 in case there are caveats between the other versions.

So all I want to know is if this is possible and if so, if you know how, please do let me know too.


The image below is sort of an example of what I am talking about. The menu on the left has items from different applications randomly placed which bugs me. It's bloated, confusing and hard to find what I am looking for.

What I want to do is put them in a sub folder and obviously remove the ones I don't use. Creating that sub folder and moving the items on that menu is where I am stuck.

enter image description here

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