Not sure if this is the right stack exchange site, but I think this question fits here.

I've got two iiyama T2435MSC, which are touch displays. I need to create a single desktop extended on two of them (so that a single app could take full screen space on two of them) and still have touch working on both displays - on Windows 10.

I can create the collage desktop using Intel drivers, but currently, the touch is working only on single one of them in this mode.

This device comes with no drivers, it uses the default input drivers in windows. Is there an app or something that I could install to make it work?


Actually, the way it works at the moment, it detects touch on both of the screens, but uses coordinates local to the screen touched and translates it into a 2x larger resolution. In other words, touching bottom left corner of both of the screens will trigger start button, which is located on one of them. Not sure if I made myself clear.

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