I want the name of a program (a string, not the actual name) to show up in the tmux status bar if that program is running.

This is what i have in my set -g status-right:

#{?#{!=:#(getPid p),0},program,}


  • #(getPid p) is the script i'm running, which returns 0 if the program is not running or not 0 (a PID or wc -l) otherwise
  • #{!=:#(getPid p),program,} should return 1 or 0 depending on the result of the previous step
  • #{?#{!=:#(getPid p),0},program,} should print "program" if the previous step returns 1

But i can't even print 1 or 0 with just the first step #{!=:#(getPid p),0}. I'm not sure if this is supported, maybe only #{} flags are supported on conditionals, not #()


I'm down to #(getPid p | awk '$0 != 0 {print \"program\"}') which seems simpler, but still a no go.


Another approach that also works on the command-line: if [ $(getPid b) != 0 ]; then echo program; fi, still nothing on the status bar.


I decided to make my script echo the program name, so all i need is #(getPid p), but still no go. I think the problem is probably elsewhere. This is the full line:

set -g status-right "#(getName p) |#[fg=colour239,bg=colour236,nobold,nounderscore,noitalics]#[fg=colour253,bg=colour239] %Y-%m-%d | %H:%M #[fg=colour103,bg=colour239,nobold,nounderscore,noitalics]#[fg=colour236,bg=colour103]"

Got it, my getName script must echo -n instead, but of course there's the refresh matter.

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