I'm currently starting screen as part of my .bashrc, but i want the first thing that shows up to be the same thing as when you run C-a " when screen is already running. I know i could run screen -ls but that only lists the running sessions, it doesn't provide me with the same ui as C-a " does.

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    You received an answer, but the question might be more useful to others if you clarify what C-a is. – fixer1234 Apr 2 '18 at 6:42

When you connect to an existing screen session with -x or -r, you can include -p= on the screen command line. The -p option allows the preselection of a window, and = as the name of that window specifies the windowlist.

  • I'm not in need of this any more, so I'm not going to test it. But I trust you that it works so I'll accept it as the answer. – Olian04 Apr 1 '18 at 22:05

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