I try to convert pdf file to png image in ImageMagick from windows 10 command line as follows:

Magick convert a.pdf a.png

I get error

magick: FailedToExecuteCommand `"gswin32c.exe" -q ...

But it works for converting image to image. What is the problem?

  • If you give the full path to where you installed the ImageMagick version of convert it should work, but it may need other programs from the same directory: if so, and this directory is not in PATH, you will need to go to that directory and give full paths to the source and target files instead. – AFH Feb 3 '18 at 19:55

ImageMagick needs Ghostscript installed in order to read PDF files.

Ghostscript is a separate project entirely. gswin32c is the 32-bit MS-Windows version of Ghostscript.

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