Windows 7 Firewall: Add ESP8266 Access Point to trusted networks, how?

I made an Access Point (Ad Hoc) device with an ESP2866 that Windows needs to connect to (Wireless, WiFi). I tried several other devices to do this and works great, however, Windows won't do it.

Figured out it has something to do the Firewall.

  • When I turn the firewall off, it connects without any problem.
  • When connected and turn the firewall on again, it works still ok.
  • However, when I disconnect and reconnect again, the same problem occur.

What can I do to make it work without this problem? Why Windows Firewall blocks the connection of this network by default? Never experience this behaviour before.

Some info of the ESP device:

- Own network, no internet access
- Provides DHCP and DNS
- Have a HTTP-Server started on port 80


Device starting: MorsTec - Clock Sound Dock CSD181
Version: v2018.1
Setup as Access Point ADHOC connection
IP address:
DNS server started at port 53 as "mtcsd"
TCP server started at port 80

Okay, finally found it, use netsh to add a filter to the system (thanks everyone :-( , thought this forum was about computer and networking?). Anyway this is the solution:

Open a dosshell and type:

netsh wlan add filter permission=allow ssid="Name-Of-Network" networktype=adhoc

Where Name-Of-Network is the name of the network (SSID).

That's it. More info at: https://www.eightforums.com/threads/wireless-networks-allow-or-block-with-filter-in-windows.45598/

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