I've been struggling with Mutt and my From header for hours (yes...) and I'm still unable to solve my issue : My 'From' header gets modified regarding the 'Real name', but the Email address stays on my default email. Let me explain a little.

My .muttrc has :

set from="me me@gmail.com"

It also includes :

set use_envelope_from=yes
send-hook .          "unmy_hdr From:"
send-hook @particulardomain.fr "my_hdr From: Other me <newMe@newDomain.fr>"

When I compose an email to a @particulardomain.fr address, my 'From' header (which I can further modify thanks to my edit_headers=yes config), gets updated right.

I then send my email and check what the receiver gets... :( The 'From' field has the 'Other me' real name (cool !), BUT the displayed email address is still the default me@gmail.com :(

If I quit Mutt and go to my regular Gmail online, I can choose my sender's address (just to say that my Gmail is well-configured to work with different sender).

Anyway, I hope I'm being clear enough so you understand, and I hope someone will feel like giving me a hand on that issue because I really don't know what else I can try...

  • Hey, As a follow up, since I have 'managed' to solve my issue (though I don't understand why). I simply commented out the line set use_envelope_from=yes and it works as expected... – Celfred Mar 24 '18 at 13:45

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