I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction regarding a problem I am trying to solve in Excel.

I would like to have a cell count the number of cells within a range that contain any data. So.. COUNTA.

However, I would like this count to update dynamically when rows are inserted into the range (making the range larger).

Right now I can do this by using


If I insert a ROW after C7 and above the row where my formula is, the count will go up.

My problem is that I would like to use this formula for multiple separate ranges in the same column.

If I have




working in my sheet, the second formulas count becomes inaccurate when a row is inserted into the first "range".

Hopefully that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.




=COUNTA(INDIRECT("C"&ROW($C$7)&":C" &ROW()-1))

This will allow the referenced cell to change as rows are inserted.

See also: Increase the Row referenced in INDIRECT when dragging a formula down

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