I'm using Windows 10 RS3 in a dual monitor environment, a display with resolution of 2560*1440 (QHD) at the left side and a FHD display at the right. (1920*1080)

By using the function called 'EXTEND' in windows to set up a dual screen environment. Windows recognizes the QHD display as the main one (since it's my laptop screen) and a FHD monitor as the sub display.

However, when I open Chrome as a new window in the FHD monitor, the borders (boundaries) of the window turn white and thick and I have no idea why it happens. I tried to find some details in some websites, but they didn't help me. Other browsers such as Edge, Whale, and IE don't have this symptom; just Chrome has it now.

Is it a bug of the newest Chrome software? I also added a link containing the image of the problem.

Image link : https://i.stack.imgur.com/ONUTU.png

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