I would like to know if it is possible to log all the output automatically from a session in ConEmu.

Specifically, I'd like to log starting bash or connecting to a remote device. I'm assuming this is possible because even with sessions to remote hosts, the output is still displayed in the ConEmu window...but maybe I am wrong.

I used to be able do it with Putty. I could start Putty, SSH to any device etc. and have all the displayed output logged in a file.

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  • Logs are not enabled by default.

This setting is relatively difficult to locate. Here's how to find it:

  1. Go to Settings,

    (Click the button for it or type Win+Alt+P)

  2. Features > In-console options (middle of dialog box)

  3. select Log console output (*) and supply a path where log should go


Seems like you didn't try to search in settings.

There is Log console output option.

More information in docs as usual.

  • Straight from the horses mouth, can't get much better than that. Feb 14, 2018 at 20:51

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