I created a big zip file in three parts on my Mac:

stuff.z01 stuff.z02 stuff.z03

I used the terminal zip command for this.

How can I unzip these on my Windows machine?

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You can use a free application like 7Zip to unzip it. First, install application then Right click on file -> 7-zip -> Open Archive.

Then double-click on the file inside the dialogue box and wait for the load to be complete then press extract. Should work like a charm.


You can use the copy command to combine them on Windows:

Command Prompt

copy /b stuff.z* stuff.zip


& cmd.exe /c copy /b .\stuff.z* .\stuff.zip

The easiest way to extract the resulting archive to use the Extract All context menu option in the Explorer UI. Alternately, you can use PowerShell as in this example, Shell automation via command prompt as in this example, or a third-party solution like 7-Zip. The latter of which will also recombine archives for extraction IIRC.

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