I have a website (say, mydomain.com). I currently have the email address user@mydomain.com, but I'd like for the email address root@mydomain.com to be my personal email address. Is it possible to do this safely? If so, how?

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    Yes it's possible... It depends entirely on what email service you are using... you could probably create an alias or a new user - root. – Attie Feb 18 '18 at 20:21

I'd like for the email address root@mydomain.com to be my personal email address. Is it possible to do this safely?

Yes, as a rule, it is possible to do this safely.

root@mydomain.com is not generally a special name in an email system like it is on some operating systems. There are some common names defined for use with email but either webmaster@example.com or postmaster@example.com are more analogous (at least from an administration perspective).

If so, how?

If you haven't done so, you will need to set up email services for the domain. There are a number of third-party email providers (possibly including your domain registrar) or you can set up an email server yourself.

Once email for the site is set up, in most cases, you would simply add a new user (or alias) named root to the list of authorized email users. If root@example.com were to be (possibly) prohibited by a third-party provider for some odd reason, your choices would likely be to switch providers or run your own mail server.

Note that you can usually set email to be forwarded automatically to a specific account as well (so e.g. user@example.com could have its mail forwarded to root@example.com once created). To complete using root as your personal email, you would set your email client to send from root@example.com as normal.

To be absolutely secure, you would want to use a password that was different than any other root logins you might have, of course.

This would probably include things such as actual root on a Unix-style system, root@example.com for web authentication of some sort (assuming this would even exist), any root user of a web-accessible application, etc.


If you are owner of mydomain.com, so ANY e-mail adress might be yours including root@mydomain.com.

How to do that depends on the settings of your e-mail server or e-mail service you use.

P.S. I prefer webmaster@mydomain.com, and I have one on my own domain.

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