What is the main difference between Putty to MobaXterm or XServer?

I know they are all SSH clients (FOSS, gratis), but is there a main catergorial difference?

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You can tell this by just looking at the tagline from MobaXterm's website:

Enhanced terminal for Windows with X11 server, tabbed SSH client, network tools and much more.

According to its website, it features:

- Sessions management (so does PuTTY)
- Graphical SFTP browser
- X11 server
- Enhanced X extensions
- Multi-execution
- Embedded servers
- Embedded tools
- Remote Unix desktop (XDMCP)
- Remote Windows desktop (RDP)
- SSH gateway
- SSH tunnels (port forwarding)
- MobApt package manager
- Text Editor
- Macros support
- Passwords management
- Syntax highlighting in terminal
- Professional Customizer (Pro Edition only)

screenshot MobaXterm

The screenshot is from MobaXterm's demo video, hence the playback handle at the bottom. Sorry for that...

PuTTY, on the other hand, is just an SSH/telnet client with a GUI. There are forks of it, such as KiTTY, that offer more features.

Screenshot KiTTY

The screenshot shows 2 instances (1 already connected, 1 main window) of KiTTY, a PuTTY fork.

Which one you want to use is completely up to you. For quickly accessing a few dozen SSH clients with automatic user&password submission, PuTTY/KiTTY will be sufficient.

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