I know what utility ipconfig works with DNS-cache and I though it also works with DHCP-cache. Like, /renew takes address of previously used DHCP-server from register. Is it not the same thing as cache?

Well, maybe ipconfig also works with ARP-cache, id on't know..

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    What is your actual question?
    – mtak
    Feb 20 '18 at 13:31

DNS and ARP caches are on your computer. Caching DNS servers can also exist all the way up to the root servers.

The DHCP "cache" (aka "leases") is a file held on the DHCP server. This is used to ensure that one client will consistently receive one address... rather than a new address each time it asks for one. Without this, you could end up exhausting your address space quickly.

There is no client-side DHCP cache.

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