I have a linux box where I am hosting my own internal mail serverusing sendmail. I used to send mails to a abc user in the mail server from my windows outlook using abc@mail keyword in the To field in outlook, mail is mapped in host file to the lnux/mail server IP address. But now I am trying to configure the same in a different windows machine and I get the error Microsoft Outlook does not recognize 'abc@mail'. But if I try the server IP address, then it works.

abc@server ip address ----- works

abc@mail ----- doesn't work

Not sure what I am missing, any tips?

On further research, I found out if I type in abc@mail.domain then it works. So could it be some mapping missing in the domain controller?

  • Did you add the domain name in the /etc/hosts ? – Mohammad Alzatari Mar 16 '18 at 9:56

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