I have Google Chrome version 64 (most current at the time of this writing) running on win 10 with all updates. I also have VirtualBox 5.2.6 r120293 (most current at the time of this writing), with a Host-Only network, which produces an additional network device. The device has an address ( outside all other networks I am connected to (

Chrome does not connect to any sites when the Host-Only device is enabled. Disabling the device fixes the issue. Other browsers like Firefox do not have this problem. However I would like to use that network, and also would like to stick with Chrome. Also I would like to understand the problem.

How can I use the Host-Only network together with using Chrome?

EDIT 1 It turns it seems to be proxy related. I am on a company netork with an http/https proxy. Internal sites work also with the Host-Only interface, but external sites do not. When disabling the interface, also external sites are working, without changing anything else.

EDIT 2 Also Slack has this problem.

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